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PB002 - Pull Tight Seal


-save closing is provided by a metal shutter int he sealhead
-the approiate fixation of the shutter is solved by a high temperature soldering technology—in this way any kind of subsequent manipulation can be noticed easily
-subtitling is made by the safest laser technology , so any kind of subsequent changes is impossible
- thin and very strong design allows a widespread use
—this type is the most popular seal
-user-friendly,  special tools are not needed to tear, can be torn by hand


Product characteristics
Product name: PB002
Material: Polypropylene (polyethylene on request)
Lenght: 220 mm
Diameter of : 2 mm
Tensile strength: 9 kg
Marking area: 18x36 mm
Standard subtitling: constant and continued serialization
Other subtitling: logo and company
Heat tolerance:  -20 - +80 C
Fields of consumption:  transport, storage ,security, safety boxes

Minimum quantity of order: 100 pcs.

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