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Compressible plastic seal

10 and 11 mm in diameter

The compressible plastic seal has got two holes, 1,4 mm in diameters—that equals with the diameter of the seal wire.
The wire can be pulled back to the seal body, so after compression it provides a perfect locking with maximum security.
In the case of a thicker wire you can use the seal with 11 mm in diameter.

Packing: 500 pieces/ packet or 1000pieces / packet

Application: -20 C - +90C

Deformation in the material at 119C°

Advantages:    - easier to press, than an alu seal

    • after compression it becomes white so numbers and writings are more visible
    • it breaks in the case of opening attempts
    • guarantee for 10-14 years
    • it does not pollute the environment
    • duration of the insert is longer
    • cheaper than alu seals and lead seals
    • avaliable in special colours
    • seal press and seal insert are compatible


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